Freitag, 12. September 2008

Revive the Openmoko Neo Freerunner with USB power


This article describes, how to revive the Freerunner with USB power when the battery was fully discharged. Use at your own risk. It is possible that you damage your device. You have been warned.
Use a spare USB cable, chop off the plug on one side. A standard USB cable has red (+) and black (-) for power, white and green for data lines (these are not needed anymore). Connect the hooks from the next picture to red and black. This cable is called revival cable from now on.
Use safety hooks to connect to the power pins of the Freerunner.
Before proceeding, plug in the revival cable to an USB-port of your PC and check, that the V+ and V- go to the right hooks.
Unplug the revival cable from USB again before proceeding.
Now connect the hooks to the Freerunner. Check that the red hook goes to + and the black to - (Notice the "Do not short circu" on the battery :-)
>Plug in the revival cable again. Carefully turn the Freerunner and look at the screen, it should have started to boot now.
When the system is up, you can connect the Freerunner USB-port to the charger or to another USB-port of the PC. Notice that the red LED is on now.
Remove the revival cable, first unplug USB, then the hooks. Insert the battery and close the cabinet. You're done.

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